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Shrink PDF document Shrink PDF document
This extension can reduce a pdf document in size by running it through ghostscript again. Quite often this has considerable effect on the file size. The resulting pdf document can either replace the lastest version or create a new version.
€100.00 *
Email Document Email Document
This extension allows to send a document to an email address.
€100.00 *
This extension checks for a README file in the current folder and displays its content below the folder and document list.
€20.00 *
Print via Cups Print via Cups
This extension allows to send a file in SeedDMS to a locally available cups printer. The cups server must be running on the same server as SeedDMS.
€150.00 *
Create QR Code for document Create QR Code for document
This extension creates an image containing the QR code containing the URL to the document, a document preview image and the name.
€80.00 *
Manual Manual
This archive contains documentation in pdf, html and epub format.
€30.00 *
SeedDMS Base Installation SeedDMS Base Installation
Base installation of SeedDMS 5.1.x or 6.0.x on a Linux-Server with ssh access. On a debian based system this also includes the installation of all requiered debian packages. Includes 1 h of email or telefon support.
€300.00 *
SeedDMS Installation Support (2h) SeedDMS Installation Support (2h)
2 hours of SeedDMS Installation Support by email or phone.
€180.00 *
Download Link Download Link
This extension creates a temporary download link for a document and allows to send it by email.
€200.00 *
Trash Can Trash Can
Any document or folder being deleted will be moved to a configured folder instead of removing it. The date of deletion, the former owner and the original folder will be added in custom attributes. In SeedDMS 6 a task can be scheduled to...
€200.00 *
Preview Zip Preview Zip
This extension lists the content of a zip file below the document information on the document's details page. It also allows to download individual files from the zip archive.
€200.00 *
Virus Scan Virus Scan
Scans any uploaded file for viruses with clamav. This extension does not include a virus scanner. It relies on a installed version of clamav. Each document's details page also contains a check for a virus.
€200.00 *
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