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Folder Copy Folder Copy
This extension allows administrators to recursively copy a folder hierarchy without copying any documents.
€50.00 *
Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
This extension instantly creates a photo gallery from all images in a folder. It can be either embedded into the SeedDMS user interface or shown in full screen mode.
€150.00 *
Message of the day Message of the day
This extension will show a message of the day after a user has logged in. Messages are regular documents with either text or an image and they obey the known access rights. This allows to have messages for certain users or groups. Those...
€100.00 *
SeedBoard SeedBoard
SeedBoards are a different view on your documents. It shows all documents of a folder in a column and places as many columns as needed next to each other. Even users without an account are able to access the SeedBoard by its unique key.
€300.00 *
Preview email Preview email
This adds previews for document versions with mime type message/rfc822.
€200.00 *
Upload Area Upload Area
This extension creates a simple upload page where anonymous users can upload files. The upload can be restricted by several parameters which are all part of the upload code passed to external uploaders.
€150.00 *
Info message Info message
A simple but effective way to inform the users about news, upcoming changes, etc. The message is shown on the view folder page right above the folder tree.
€50.00 *
Import Mail Import Mail
This extension is able to import mails or attachments into SeedDMS. It provides a new task class for checking mails on a imap server and a page for listing all mails currently in the mail boxes configured by the tasks. The extension is...
€300.00 *
Shrink PDF document Shrink PDF document
This extension can reduce a pdf document in size by running it through ghostscript again. Quite often this has considerable effect on the file size. The resulting pdf document can either replace the lastest version or create a new version.
€100.00 *
Email Document Email Document
This extension allows to send a document to an email address.
€100.00 *
This extension checks for a README file in the current folder and displays its content below the folder and document list.
€20.00 *
Print via Cups Print via Cups
This extension allows to send a file in SeedDMS to a locally available cups printer. The cups server must be running on the same server as SeedDMS.
€150.00 *
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